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Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado sugar is a moist, fine-grained cane sugar originating from Mauritius. Muscovado sugar is produced from sugar cane. It is processed as little as possible to keep its aroma and colour intact. Light Brown Muscovado has a caramel-like flavour, and Dark Brown Muscovado has a hint of liquorice.

Light Brown Muscovado Sugar, 400 g

Art. no.: 51688
Quantity per selling unit 6 × 400 g

Light Brown Muscovado Sugar is delicious as a flavouring in food, particularly in fish and root vegetable dishes. Also enhances the flavour of bread, cakes, biscuits, desserts, marinades, sauces and pickles. 

Dark Brown Muscovado Sugar, 400 g

Art. no.: 51687
Quantity per selling unit 6 × 400 g

Dark Brown Muscovado Sugar tastes fabulous in sauces, marinades, chutney, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks and ice cream. 

Muscovado Syrup, 400g

Art. no.: 51410
Quantity per selling unit 8 × 400 g

Muscovado syrup is obtained from sugar cane grown on the exotic island of Mauritius. It is a dark, strong-tasting syrup with a pleasant hint of aniseed. Our Muscovado Syrup is a Fairtrade product.