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WHO-guideline on intake of sugars has only low and moderate evidence
05.03.2015 -
Nordzucker/Nordic Sugar always supports a scientific debate on sugars and health, and also the further debate about the scientific evidence for WHO’s new guideline on Sugars Intake for Adults and...
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Successful campaign with record results
02.02.2015 -
Considerable beet volumes, high sugar yields per hectare and stable production characterise Nordic Sugar's 2014/15 production season which has delivered scores of records in both Denmark and...
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Revenues and earnings fall sharply in the third quarter for Nordzucker Group
15.01.2015 -
Nordzucker AG reports on sharply falling revenues and earnings in the third quarter. Measures to improve efficiency initiated. Read Nordzucker's press release here
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First prize for idea management
29.12.2014 -
Nordic Sugar has again been awarded for being among the most idea innovative companies in Sweden. In 2013/14, the company also received the first prize in the category “Net saving per employee”....
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Excellent beet campaign in Finland 2014/15
19.12.2014 -
Sugar yields at record levels and a very stable production at the sugar factory in Säkylä gave a sugar output in Finland way over last year’s sugar production. The 2014/15 sugar production campaign...
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900 people came close to sugar production
15.12.2014 -
The sugar factory in Nakskov has ended this year’s guided tours November is traditionally the month in which the sugar factory in Nakskov welcomes visitors who would like to see the factory in full...
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Downward trend of business continues in the second quarter for Nordzucker Group
15.10.2014 -
Nordzucker AG, reports on continued downward trend of business in the second quarter. Increased imports of sugar, a large harvest in EU and the effects of the global market lead to considerable price...
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Nordic Sugar in the final for the E-Prize 2014
09.10.2014 -
Nordic Sugar nominated for its sustainable energy efficiency improvements at the sugar factory in Örtofta Nordic Sugar's factory in Örtofta boasts one of Sweden's smartest and most innovative energy...
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Sustainable energy investments lead to environmental award
26.09.2014 -
Nordic Sugar AB wins environmental award for sustainable energy solutions at the sugar factory in Örtofta This year's winner of the environmental award given by the Eslöv Local Authority and Skånska...
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Positive outcome of arbitration award
19.08.2014 -
Award rendered in arbitration case concerning compliance with terms and conditions of Sucros Oy shareholders’ agreement An arbitral tribunal in Finland has just rendered its award in an almost...
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