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Nordic Sugar signs climate change statement
30.11.2009 -
Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Nordic Sugar – like just under 900 other companies around the world – has signed an appeal to the world’s political leaders to set ambitious...
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Sweden sceptical about the importance of fat to weight increase
30.11.2009 -
At the same time as the Swedish National Food Administration encourages the Swedish people to reduce its fat intake, a declining number of Swedes believe that fat is actually that important to weight...
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New cane sugar product - organic as well as Fairtrade
15.10.2009 -
Dansukker launch organic and Fairtade canesugar. Read the news here in Danish and Swedish only Nyt rørsukker - både økologisk og Fairtrade-mærket Nytt rörsocker – både ekologiskt och...
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Consumers concerned about the content of food
09.10.2009 -
More than half of Nordic consumers are concerned about the content of the food they buy. Food additives are a major concern to consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Between one in four...
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Higher sugar content in Lund heating
19.09.2009 -
Nordic Sugar’s Örtofta plant in Sweden started the beet campaign on 11 September. This year, the company expects to increase its supply of surplus heat to energy company Lunds Energi. Close to 50,000...
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Bright outlook for the 2009 sugar campaign
10.09.2009 -
Nordic Sugar will start up the 2009 sugar production within the next few days. Forecasts indicate a bumper beet crop. Nordic Sugar will open for reception of sugar beet at the company’s factories in...
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Sugar beet still in top shape
27.08.2009 -
Based on the second sugar beet harvest forecast for the year, Nordic Sugar maintains its positive expectations for the company’s 2009 sugar production. Following the good start of the growing...
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Strong potential for Nordic Sugar’s 2009 sugar production
14.08.2009 -
This year’s first sugar beet harvest forecast indicates a positive outlook for sugar production. The sugar beet growing season has been off to a good start in Nordic Sugar’s production countries....
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Meet us in Europe
12.08.2009 -
Nordic Sugar participates in Riga Food in Latvia 9th – 12th September and IBA, Internationale Bäckereiausstellung in Düsseldorf, Germany 3rd-9th October. At Riga Food we will show our palette of...
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Mapping the climate footprint of sugar
10.07.2009 -
Nordic Sugar has analysed the climate footprint of its sugar production. Compared with other processed foods, the impact is very low. Nordic Sugar has conducted comprehensive analysis work to map out...
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