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Winter weather challenged the 2010/11 sugar production

Nordic Sugar has concluded the 2010/11 production campaign with satisfactory results despite challenging weather conditions.

In the 2010/11 campaign, Nordic Sugar’s five sugar factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania produced a total of 841,000 tonnes of sugar (2009/10: 1,013,000 tonnes). The result meets expectations of an output in excess of Nordic Sugar’s total EU quota, even though periods of severe frost and large snow volumes posed operational challenges during the final stages of the campaign in all four countries. In Denmark for instance, the sugar beet supply to the factories had to be slowed down towards the end of the campaign as a result of breaks in the beet harvest due to frozen soil.

“Overall, we are pleased with this year’s production results, not least in the light of the weather-induced hurdles we’ve had to handle,” comments Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director, Nordic Sugar A/S. “Our factories have run a fine campaign with high reliability and have efficiently overcome the weather-related impact arising in the last part of the campaign. For instance, snow and frost occasionally made the beet supply to the factories an intensive logistics task that was solved in close and good cooperation with our beet suppliers.”

In most locations, Nordic Sugar’s production result was helped by a high beet quality, even though frozen beet also presented technical challenges in the production.

For further information:
Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 3266 2500
Dorthe Lindgreen, Communications/Manager, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 3266 2588,
mobile +45 4011 6695

Nordic Sugar’s sugar production 2010/11 by production country:

 CountryProduction in 2010/11
(tonnes of sugar)
Production in 2009/10
(tonnes of sugar)

Sugar yield

(tonnes of sugar/hectare)

Sugar quota 2010/11
(tonnes of sugar)
Denmark374,000445,00010.3 (12.6)372,000
Sweden315,000403,0008.9 (10.8)293,000
Finland80,00088,0006.3 (6.4)81,000
Lithuania72,00077,0007.6 (8.1)64,000
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