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Strong potential for Nordic Sugar’s 2009 sugar production


This year’s first sugar beet harvest forecast indicates a positive outlook for sugar production.

The sugar beet growing season has been off to a good start in Nordic Sugar’s production countries. Beet was sown earlier than usual in most places due to the unusually warm weather in spring. Over the summer, a favourable combination of sunshine and rain, in Denmark and Sweden in particular, further contributed to extraordinarily strong beet growth. Overall, this means that, based on Nordic Sugar’s harvest forecast, sugar yields are expected to be significantly above the average of the past five years, with the exception of Finland with average yields.

Against this background, Nordic Sugar expects sugar production at the company’s factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania to reach close to 1 million tonnes of sugar in 2009 if weather conditions are normal for the latter part of the beet growing season.

Nordic Sugar will launch this year’s production season in mid-September. The estimated launch dates for each factory appear from Table 2.

Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director, says:

- According to the current forecasts, we are in an extraordinarily favourable position prior to this year’s production, which is of course very positive news. Consequently, we will start production early this year and look forward to launching the season in cooperation with the beet growers in a few weeks.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director Thomas B. Olsen, Nordic Sugar, tel.: +45 3266 2500 Communications
Manager Dorthe Lindgreen, Nordic Sugar, tel.: +45 3266 2588 / +45 4011 6695

Table 1: Result of Nordic Sugar’s first field samples:

Tonnes beet/ha

%sugar in beet

Tonnes sugar/ha


54.5 (47.6)

16.4 (14.8)

8.92 (7.03)


53.4 (42.4)

15.3 (14.0)

8.20 (5.97)


23.6 (28.4)

12.8 (13.2)

3.02 (3.74)


41.1 (38.3)

14.4 (13.6)

5.91 (5.24)

Table 2: Production start-up at Nordic Sugar sugar factories 2009:


Planned campaign start-up

Nakskov, DK


Nykøbing, DK


Örtofta, SE


Säkylä, FI


Kedainiai, LT


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