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Positive forecast for 2011 sugar production

The production season at Nordic Sugar's sugar factories will begin shortly, and harvest forecasts indicate a strong sugar year.

In early September, the 2011 sugar production will start up at Nordic Sugar's factories, and the year's full production will be completed during the next approx 4 months. This year, the sugar beet have had a near perfect start to the growing season. A very warm period after sowing propelled growth, and the summer has also seen a favourable plant development. The periods of heavy rain, in Denmark and Sweden in particular, had only a modest impact on the beet, contrary to other crops.

Nordic Sugar's first beet harvest forecasts indicate a sugar output above the average for the past five years.

Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director of Nordic Sugar A/S, comments:

“We are of course highly pleased at the prospect of a large sugar output; not least since we are seeing an increase in demand in our markets currently, which is mainly due to a tight supply situation in the world market for sugar. The fact that several farmers have chosen to expand their beet growing area this year is also a positive and important signal essential to the further development of our industry.

For further information:
Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 3266 2500
Dorthe Lindgreen, Communications/Manager, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 3266 2588 / +45 4011 6695

Table 1:
Nordic Sugar produces sugar in four countries. The results of the first beet samples are listed below. The average for the past five years appears in parentheses.

Tonnes beet per ha   % sugar in beet    Tonnes sugar per ha
Denmark68.2 (52.1)14.9 (14.7)10.17 (7.66)
Sweden60.6 (48.7)15.1 (13.8)9.15 (6.81)
Finland47.3 (29.7)13.4 (13.8)6.33 (4.05)
Lithuania59.3 (44.7)14.0 (14.1)8.34 (6.28)


Table 2:
The 2011 production season – known as the beet campaign – starts in the first weeks of September at Nordic Sugar's factories:

FactoryCampaign start-up
Nakskov, DK15.09.2011
Nykøbing, DK15.09.2011
Örtofta, SE10.09.2011
Säkylä, FI26.09.2011
Kedainiai, LT8.09.2011
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