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NP Sweet ready to launch low-calorie sweeteners after EU approval of stevia

A new sweetening concept from NP Sweet enables food and beverage producers to combine great taste and a low calorie content in their products, using only nature-based sweeteners.

The European Commission has given the green light for using stevia (steviol glycosides) in food and beverages in the EU as from 2 December 2011.

From then onwards, NP Sweet, a joint venture between Nordic Sugar’s parent company Nordzucker and the world’s leading stevia producer PureCircle, will start offering a range of stevia products, as well as combinations of stevia and sugar, to producers in the food and beverage industries. The sugar-stevia concepts will be marketed under the SteviaSucrose brand. Stevia is a nature-based no-calorie sweetener, which is 200 - 400 sweeter than sugar.

“The products we will be offering will provide food and beverage producers with an attractive opportunity to reduce the energy content of their end-products using only nature’s own sweetening agents, explains Lars Bo Jørgensen, General Manager of NP Sweet, and adds,

“We have worked on developing these products over the past year, and our concept has met with a highly positive response from several producers. We see particular potential in our combinations of stevia and sugar because, used alone, stevia has an off-taste, which sugar can help to mask. This enables the manufacture of great tasting products with a low energy content. In the stevia / sugar combinations we have developed, the energy content has been reduced by 30 to-50 per cent."

NP Sweet, which is based at Nordic Sugar’s head office in Copenhagen, will market its products in Northern and Eastern Europe, Germany and the Netherlands.

For further information:
Lars Bo Jørgensen, General Manager, NP Sweet A/S, tel. +45 2966 3668
Dorthe Lindgreen, kommunikationschef, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 3266 2588 /+45 4011 6695

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