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Nordzucker begins 2017/2018 campaign

Good yields expected in the Group

The Nordzucker Group will launch this year’s sugar beet campaign on 5 September. Overall, the company expects good yields with large regional differences. The campaign is forecast to end in the second half of January 2018.

This year the campaign will start at the Polish plant in Opalenica. The first batches of sugar beet from the region will be processed there from 5 September. Over the following week, the other Group countries will then gradually begin sugar production. The campaign will be up and running at all Group plants by 3 October. A preliminary thick juice campaign already began in Nordstemmen on 23 August.

This year, sugar beet was in the ground for an average of 200 days. Growth conditions saw large regional differences as a result of the weather. An extremely cold April in nearly every Group country caused a slowdown in the growth of the plants. However, rising temperatures in May helped the beet to recover and grow quickly again. While beet in Slovakia had to contend with extremely dry conditions, the weather conditions in other regions were more favourable – despite heavy rainfall in parts.

Dr Lars Gorissen, Chief Agricultural Officer, is optimistic about the upcoming campaign. “The weather this growing year was very changeable and characterized by various extremes. Nevertheless, we expect good yields.” Referring to the campaign, Gorissen pointed out: “Whether it’s the new market conditions or changeable weather – beet has demonstrated its profitability and our new, flexible control models are paying off.”
This year, organic beet will also be processed in Schladen and Nykøbing for the first time.

The Group expects the campaign to end in the second half of January.

Axel Aumüller, Chief Operating Officer, emphasized: “We are facing a long campaign in some cases. Our employees and our plants are well prepared for this.” Last year, the Group invested around EUR 84 million primarily in the maintenance and modernization of production facilities. “The market demands a high degree of flexibility from us in every way. This is why we are specifically investing in the efficiency of our plants, in warehousing, logistics and product quality,” continued Aumüller. New silos with additional storage capacities in Örtofta and Clauen are just as much as part of this as the modernization of pulp press units and process control systems.

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Here are the start dates for the 2017 campaigns in all countries at a glance:

Country Factory Start of campaign
Germany Clauen 15 September
  Klein Wanzleben 12 September
  Nordstemmen 13 September / thick juice since 23 August
  Schladen 13 September
  Ueltzen 13 September
Denmark Nakskov 12 September
  Nykøbing 20 September
Sweden Örtofta 19 September
Finland Säkylä 3 October
Lithuania Kėdainiai 12 September
Poland Chełmża 12 September
  Opalenica 5 September
Slovakia Trenčianska Teplá 26 September
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