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Nordic Sugar welcomes positive scientific opinion

EFSA finds sufficient clinical documentation of digestive health benefit from sugar beet fibre

Nordic Sugar can offer food manufacturers a new opportunity to sharpen their health profile using Fibrex® sugar beet fibre.

New scientific evidence has convinced the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel that sugar beet fibre has a positive effect on bowel function and regularity and counteracts constipation.

As a result, EFSA has issued a positive scientific opinion on a digestive health claim for the natural fibre source.

Chance to differentiate
This means manufacturers of food products containing minimum 6% fibre, equivalent to 9% Fibrex®, will soon be able to include a digestive health claim on packaging.

“The nutritious and functional properties of Fibrex® have attracted growing interest from the food industry in recent years. This positive scientific opinion provides a new opportunity for manufacturers of baked goods, cereals and cereal bars to differentiate their products,” says Lars-Erik Hansson, Business Manager at Nordic Sugar.

Unique fibre balance
Fibrex® is widely recognised as a source of dietary fibre due to its unique balance of soluble and insoluble fibre. Free of gluten and with an outstanding water-binding capacity, it also contributes to soft and appealing gluten-free bread and succulent burgers that keep their shape during frying.

Before using digestive health claims on product labels, manufacturers must ensure that they follow national guidelines. The European Commission is expected to take the final decision on the sugar beet fibre health claim during 2012.

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