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Nordic Sugar signs climate change statement


Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Nordic Sugar – like just under 900 other companies around the world – has signed an appeal to the world’s political leaders to set ambitious targets at the December meeting to discuss global climate challenges.

An initiative taken by the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, the statement is a signal to governments saying that the business community also calls for an effective climate agreement to ensure long-term and internationally coordinated initiatives in the area.

– There’s no doubt that the complex of problems of climate change dimensions takes strong commitment and action on the part of politicians and the business community on the global scale. As companies we’re clearly responsible for helping to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but we need to lay down a global framework to promote developments towards sound economic growth that takes climate into consideration. That’s the message we’d like to send as a signatory to the Copenhagen Communiqué, says Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director of Nordic Sugar A/S.

– At Nordic Sugar, we’ve for a many years been undertaking targeted work to lower our energy consumption as well as emission of CO2 from our production. In this way, we’ve reduced our CO2 climate impact by close to 60% compared to 1990. We’re now focusing on an ambitious objective to become independent of fossil fuels by 2030, which will dramatically reduce climate impact. Realising ambitions of that magnitude requires political support. For example, we intend to increase our use of biomass energy and have launched significant development initiatives in that respect. It’s generally the case that if companies and industries are to choose a green strategy, they must be certain of political will as well as incentives supporting this type of climate-friendly changes. In other words, a united front is essential.

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Dorthe Lindgreen, Communications Manager, Nordic Sugar A/S, tel. +45 

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