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First prize for idea management

Nordic Sugar has again been awarded for being among the most idea innovative companies in Sweden. In 2013/14, the company also received the first prize in the category “Net saving per employee”. Nordic Sugar’s total net savings in Sweden for the year amounted to 194,000 euro.
Ulf Landström, proposal general, Nordic Sugar AB
Ulf Landström, proposal general, Nordic Sugar AB

Every year, the SIFV (Swedish Institute for Idea Management) ranks Swedish businesses for their ability to involve employees in their efforts to reduce resources and business costs. Measured in terms of how many ideas each employee comes up with, our sugar factories in Sweden have made it into the top ten for many years.

- We have handled approx. 442 proposals in our idea management system during this year, which is an extremely good result and equals to 1.3 ideas per employee, says Ulf Landström, proposal general in Nordic Sugar AB.

Örtofta and Arlöv can also boast of having gained the first prize in the “Net saving per employee” category this year. Their savings amount to more than 600 euros per employee per year. 

Success story since 1986

Nordic Sugar has worked with the systematic collection of proposals since 1986 and sees the idea management system as a way to utilize competencies while it develops both the employees and the company.

- Proposals may involve anything from a new way of working, energy-saving suggestions for the improvement of equipment and new products. It works fantastically well and we are proud and pleased that our employees are so dedicated.

- It is the employees' daily experiences that generate the ideas for improvements. All employees can submit proposals and are encouraged by the ability to influence their own working environment. It creates involvement and commitment and provides greater job satisfaction and motivation, says Ulf Landström.

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