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Fibrex® proves its value in gluten-free ready meals

Natural sugar beet fibre supports the promotion of traditional Swedish cuisine

Gluten-free sugar beet fibre from Nordic Sugar enhances the quality of Scandinavian ready meals, on trial in exclusive UK supermarkets in January and February.

All-natural Fibrex® brings important functionality to the Swedish meatballs and traditional cabbage pudding of Villman & Co, manufacturer behind the Pure Scandinavian range of fresh, chilled ready meals.

Juicier meat products

The sugar beet fibre’s excellent water-binding properties are particularly well suited to the ready meal sector. In both the meatballs and meat layer of the cabbage pudding, Fibrex® locks in meat juices, giving a juicier, more tender product.

“Ready meals are cooked, cooled and then reheated before use. Fibrex® keeps as much juice in the meat as possible,” explains Per-Gunnar Hansson, founder and managing director of Villman & Co.

Meatballs without gluten - easily

The use of Fibrex® has also made it possible to eliminate gluten from the traditional Swedish meatball recipe.

“So many people have a problem with gluten that we decided to replace the breadcrumbs in our meatballs with Fibrex®,” says Hansson, who adds that Fibrex® is used in all the company’s meat products.

Introducing Fibrex® to the production line is simple. Like the breadcrumbs it replaces in meatball mix, Fibrex® is soaked in milk prior to incorporation. Because the fibre only binds water and very little fat, the meatballs benefit from a reduced fat content.

Nutritious and effective

The unique fibre content and outstanding water-binding capacity make Fibrex® a nutritious and cost-effective ingredient in meat, ready meal and bakery products.

“Comprising natural sugar beet fibre, Fibrex® is a perfect fit with the consumer trend towards more clean label products, not to mention premium quality, gluten-free foods,” says Anneli Mårtensson, key account manager at Nordic Sugar.

Swedish-UK cooperation

One of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of additive-free ready meals, Villman & Co. has contributed three products to the UK sales trials, initiated by the Swedish Trade Council in partnership with John Lewis, owner of Waitrose supermarkets.

Sourced from Swedish niche producers in response to growing UK interest in Scandinavian foods, the range combines the best of modern food production and traditional craftsmanship.

UK consumers can sample the traditional cuisine in two John Lewis Foodhalls from Waitrose in London and Kent. The sales trial is also being conducted in an ICA Toppen supermarket in Sweden.

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Fibrex® proves its value in gluten-free ready meals

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