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Consumers concerned about the content of food


More than half of Nordic consumers are concerned about the content of the food they buy. Food additives are a major concern to consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Between one in four and one in three consumers state additives as the major cause of concern. This is the result of a YouGov survey undertaken early in the year including just over 2,000 Nordic consumers on behalf of Nordic Sugar.

Close to 27% of the Danish respondents indicate food additives as their major food-related concern, followed by salmonella (18%) and colouring agents (17%). Artificial sweeteners do not go down well with Nordic consumers. A total of 61% of Danish consumers find them unhealthy, and consumers in the other Nordic countries are even more sceptical. Nordic consumers are also still sceptical about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food products – 38% of Danes try to avoid GMO ingredients, as do a similar percentage of Swedes, Norwegians and Finns.

A healthy self-perception

In Denmark, however, we find the highest proportion of the population boasting that they eat a healthy diet and drink responsibly – close to 50% – followed by Finland with 44% and Norway and Sweden with 38% each. Eight out of 10 Danes consider a reduced fat intake the most effective way to lose weight.

Slides with further details of the survey (in Danish and Swedish) can be downloaded from Nordic Sugar‘s website at Click “News” and “Consumers concerned about the content of food”.

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