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Bright outlook for the 2009 sugar campaign


Nordic Sugar will start up the 2009 sugar production within the next few days. Forecasts indicate a bumper beet crop.

Nordic Sugar will open for reception of sugar beet at the company’s factories in Sweden and Denmark over the next few days, while reception at the factories in Finland and Lithuania will commence about a week later. Similar to the year’s first two beet field samples, the third one completed this week indicates both extraordinarily high beet volumes and sugar content levels well above the average for the last five years. 

- Naturally, with this strong potential we are indeed looking forward to kicking off the 2009 production campaign where everything is set for the achievement of a fine result. The bumper crop forecast was of course promoted by the optimal growth conditions this year but is clearly also the result of targeted efforts over the past few years aimed at strengthening the competitive power of beet growing, states Thomas B. Olsen, Managing Director of Nordic Sugar A/S. 

For further information:
Dorthe Lindgreen, Manager / Internal & External Communication, Nordic Sugar A/S, 
tel. +45 3266 2588 / +45 4011 6695

Table 1: Result of Nordic Sugar’s third field samples:

Tonnes beet/ha%sugar in beetTonnes sugar/ha
Denmark71.0 (63.7)18.2 (15.3)12.91 (9.73)
Sweden70.9 (57.3)17.6 (15.4)12.47 (8.87)
Finland45.1 (41.4)15.5 (14.7)6.98 (6.11)
Lithuania60.6 (55.2)16.2 (14.4)9.82 (8.01)

 Average for the past five years shown in parentheses

Table 2: Production start-up at Nordic Sugar’s sugar factories 2009:

FactoryPlanned campaign start-up
Nakskov, DK17.09.2009
Nykøbing, DK17.09.2009
Örtofta, SE11.09.2009
Säkylä, FI24.09.2009
Kedainiai, LT16.09.2009
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