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Nordzucker Group's financial statements 2018/2019: Significant loss characterises the financial year
23.05.2019 -
Strategic focus on sugar - Nordzucker about to enter cane sugar business Operating loss of 58.1 million eurosSales down 18 percent to EUR 1,354 millionEquity ratio of 66 percent at previous year's...
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Nordzucker invests 100 million euro in Swedish sugar production
19.03.2019 -
Nordzucker will concentrate its sugar production in Sweden at the factory in Örtofta and as part of this process the refinery in Arlöv will be closed. This was decided by the Executive Board and...
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Nordzucker agrees majority stake in Mackay Sugar Limited
08.02.2019 -
Acquisition of 70 percent majority stake in Australian sugar producer Mackay Sugar. Completion of transaction subject to further conditions Nordzucker and Mackay Sugar Limited have contractually...
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Nordzucker Group third quarter: significant decline in sales and earnings
15.01.2019 -
2018/2019 campaign ends with below-average returns In the first nine months of the 2018/2019 financial year, Nordzucker Group generated a significant decline in earnings as expected. The 2018/2019...
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Rekordinė cukrinių runkelių cukraus gamyba Lietuvoje
07.01.2019 -
Gruodžio 22 dieną, po maždaug 99 dienų, Kėdainių cukraus fabrikas baigė 2018-2019 m. gamybą, kurios metu buvo pagamintas rekordinis cukraus kiekis. Gamyba buvo labai sklandi, stabili, o cukriniai...
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Nordzucker starts comprehensive transformation process
11.12.2018 -
Strategic focus on sugar production in Europe and worldwide Adaptation of processes, organisational and cost structure Nordzucker focuses entirely on sugar - in its core market of Europe and...
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Nordzucker Group: First half of the year sees sharp fall in earnings – losses anticipated
15.10.2018 -
Revenues fall from EUR 845.5 million to EUR 689.6 millionNet income for the period drops to EUR 11.6 millionA loss in 2018/2019 is now unavoidableSignificant losses expected in 2019/2020 Nordic...
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Nordzucker begins 2018/2019 campaign
30.08.2018 -
Below-average yields expected The Nordzucker Group’s sugar beet campaign will begin on 12 September this year. Extremely dry conditions have led to a later campaign start date at the plants and will...
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Changes at the helm of Nordzucker
16.08.2018 -
At an extraordinary Supervisory Board meeting in Braunschweig on 16 August 2018, Jochen Johannes Juister was elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nordzucker AG and thus as the successor to...
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Nordzucker Group's financial statements 2017/2018: rapid drop in the price of sugar overshadows earnings in the past financial year
24.05.2018 -
Significant decline in earnings expected in 2018/2019 • Net income of EUR 118 million • Revenues down by 3 per cent to EUR 1,650 million• Equity ratio of 66 per cent roughly matches...
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