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Product development

Collaboration with customers

Many customers turn to Nordzucker at an early stage in their product development. We have unique knowledge of the way sugar behaves in various processes, and have the capacity to develop special products that meet customers’ specific needs. We can also take over a part of the process by adding ingredients to the base products, delivering finished mixtures or adapting the dry substance content in liquid products.

New functions

To improve product properties we work with sensory panels and experts, such as bakers and confectionery specialists. In recent years this has led to the creation of several new products. One example is Decoration Sugar which, by coating with fat, we have transformed into a product that tolerates both moisture and heat. In collaboration with customers in the confectionery industry we have developed a number of specially tailored dry blends and solutions. For example, we have created sugar and sour blends as well as confectionery solutions based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Know-how and trends

In our pan-Nordzucker development group we have our own food experts, sensory laboratory, and laboratories for application testing within confectionery, baking, soft drinks, etc. We also utilise the company's laboratories for process technology and microbiology. We are seeing a number of clear trends in the development work. Sugar offers many possibilities – and know-how is just as important as raw materials.

Films about the functional properties of sugar