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Safe and efficient beet growing

Sugar beet is the main raw material used in Nordzucker's sugar production. Our 13 sugar factories process more than 18 million tonnes of beets each year. They form the basis of the wide range of sugar products we offer customers in our markets.

Our commitment to sustainability is as high a priority for us in sugar beet growing as it is in the production at our sugar factories. We therefore work closely with beet growers to ensure high standards for efficiency, safety, quality and environmental protection. 

Dialogue and consulting services

Our “Grower's Principles” are a key tool in cooperating with the beet growers. The guidelines combine advice on growing with the requirements we place on our suppliers, in such areas as fertilisation and crop protection, and ensure safe and sustainable beet growing. We supplement our guidelines by a raft of consulting services available through our websites, newsletters and our team of beet consultants.

Each year, we conduct audits at beet growers in all our production countries to control compliance with our requirements. 

Healthy cooperation

Efficiency and safety is further underpinned by the fact it is largely the same experienced and competent beet growers who supply beet to our factories every year, as beet growing requires specialisation and suitable farm land. Growing thus concentrates in the most fertile fields close to our sugar factories.

All beet seed purchases are handled via Nordic Sugar to ensure traceability and quality. The beet payment system also includes incentives to promote efficient growing and high quality; and we and the beet growers work intimately together to ensure smooth beet supplies to the factories during the campaign.

Did you know that …

Approx 13,000 beet growers deliver sugar beet to Nordzucker's factories

Norducker operates sugar factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Slovakia

During the campaign, we produce close to 10,000 tonnes of sugar each day