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Focus on personal and professional development

At Nordic Sugar our work follows a very special annual rhythm. Our activities tend to culminate from September to January, where the many tons of sugar beet from the year’s harvest need to be processed and refined into more than 250 different products. Not only does this create natural variation in work tasks, it also places continuous demands on the flexibility of our employees throughout the year.

Room for the individual

"The culture at Nordic Sugar is characterised by relatively free reins and a fundamental philosophy of freedom with responsibility", explains Sanna Bomholt, Key Account Manager and who has been part of Nordic Sugar since her traineeship back in 2005:

“We're a large and ambitious company, but there is always room for the individual. If you ask for new challenges, your request will be heard, and I believe every effort will be made to fulfil your wish,” explains Sanna, who goes on to highlight the annual employee appraisal interview between the employee and the immediate superior, called “The Dialogue”, as an excellent opportunity for mutual feedback.

Nordic Sugar also offers in-house training in such areas as technology and project management.