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A culture built on dedication and cooperation

It may not look like much. The sugar beet. Relatively anonymous in its earthen colour and resembling an oversized radish with a long stem – it’s difficult to imagine that this root vegetable plays such a key role in the development of all manner of products, from soft drinks to pharmaceuticals. Nonetheless, this is what our employees help produce every day:

“Sugar is so much more than the traditional bag of granulated sugar you find on the supermarket shelf. We have talented specialists at all levels working hard to develop innovative products and new methods to exploit the full potential of the sugar beet. This is a process that takes place in close cooperation with our customers, R&D and production,” says Dorte Nørtoft Andersen, Head of HR at Nordic Sugar.

Anja Berlin, HR Manager Denmark agrees, adding that employee dedication comes from the very special culture that pervades the entire company:

“We believe that people grow and develop when given responsibility. We have strong faith in each other and in the knowledge that we all do what we can to achieve the company’s common goals. Throughout the organisation, we find that this cooperative approach creates value for the individual employee, for our products and for the company as a whole,” Anja explains.

Cooperation based on four values

Our four values – Responsibility, Dedication, Courage and Appreciation – are a natural part of the (internal) culture that characterises our company across national borders, departments and factories:

We show an interest in each other and in being a good colleague. This ensures a good cooperative atmosphere, which creates value both within and outside the company. Our interest in each other also influences our recruitment practices: “We don’t simply fill positions. We employ people with more than just one talent,” according to Dorte.

A million tons of sugar

This close, cross-organisational cooperation is a strength for a company like Nordic Sugar, which produces approximately one million tons of sugar ever year. Such huge volumes not only place significant demands on the specialists in the factories, but also on all logistics staff at Nordic Sugar’s offices and warehouses:

“Coordinating transport across countries and borders is a huge logistical challenge, and maintaining a close dialogue with colleagues and partners is vital for achieving good results. At Nykøbing, alone, we receive 550 truckloads of beets a day, just to give you an idea of the scope we’re dealing with,” explains Anja.

Nordic Sugar is the leading sugar supplier in the Northern European market and part of the Nordzucker Group. The factory in Nakskov processes no less than 12,000 tons of beets in 24 hours, and together with Nykøbing, they represent the company’s entire Danish sugar production.