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Nordic Sugar - supplier and business partner in one!

Nordic Sugar is one of Europe’s leading sugar producers offering a wide range of products for the food and beverage industry. More than simply producing and delivering sugar, our aim is to provide added value in the form of service, logistics, technical support and assistance in product development. Sharing our know-how as well as providing technical and development support are central elements in our customer service. In addition, we carefully monitor every step of the value chain from suppliers to delivery subcontractors to ensure that our clients always will feel secure – be it in terms of food hygiene, ethical treatment of workers in third world countries or attention to the environment.


Sweet Mail for our industry customers offers information on new products, product development, consumer attitudes, nutrition information, the functional properties of sugar, trends and the media debate. The newsletter is sent out 3 times a year.

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Safe Sugar

Demands for food safety grow stronger every year. Nordic Sugar regards it as a natural duty to ensure that consumers and authorities can trust the products we supply. We have unique opportunities for achieving this aim since we work with the whole value chain – from sowing, cultivation and harvest to transport, sugar production, storage, packaging and final delivery.

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