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Granulated Cane Sugar

Pure, crystallised sucrose in quality EU2. 

Demerara Sugar, Fairtrade

Cane sugar product with large grains, a golden colour and an aromatic flavour. Is also available as Fairtrade sugar. The product serves both to add flavour and to decorate. Demerara Sugar is often used in desserts, baked goods, dressings, ice cream and sauces.

Organic Cane Sugar, Fairtrade

Organic Cane Sugar, Fairtrade from Paraguay is used like ordinary white granulated sugar and is ideal for an endless variety of uses. 

Muscovado Sugar

Aromatic and tasty cane sugar product with small grains and a moist consistency. Dark Muscovado Sugar has a liquorice-like flavour and is used mainly in baked goods, ice cream, desserts, spices, sauces, marinades and dressings.

Cane Icing Sugar

Finely ground sugar consisting of small particles with the addition of two per cent potato starch as an anti-caking agent. The average particle size is 20 μm. Icing Sugar is used mainly for baked goods.

Cane Syrup

An 80 per cent, partly inverted solution consisting of sucrose, glucose, fructose and mineral salts. The combination of the various types of sugar prevents crystallisation. The very high sugar content guarantees a long shelf-life. Yellow Cane Syrup and Dark Brown Cane Syrup, is used mainly in bread and cakes.