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Danish Coffee Bread

Basic dough
2760 g. Plain flour
1365 g. Full-fat milk (3%) 
  350 g. Browned butter (salted)
  220 g. Soft brown sugar
    40 g. Salt 
  140 g. Egg
    90 g. Yeast 
    10 g. Cardamom
4975 g. Total

Macaroon paste
1000 g. Bitter almond paste
3000 g. Soft brown sugar 
   730 g. Pasteurised egg whites
   100 g. Rice flour
 4830 g. Total

Basic dough
Dough temperature: 25°C
Kneading, slow: 5 minutes
Kneading, fast: 7 minutes
Resting time: 2 x 30 minutes
Dough weight: 800 g per piece - 6 pieces in total.

Rolling out: Oblong. Roll out each piece on the rolling board to the length of the plate, two pieces per plate.
Proofing: Approx. 1½ hours at 28 – 30°C
Insertion temperature: 210°C
Baking temperature: 210°C
Steam added in sec. No steam
Baking time: 12 – 14 minutes

Macaroon paste
Mix the brown sugar, bitter almond paste and rice flour together until no lumps remain.
Add the egg whites gradually.
Slice the baked, cooled coffee bread at about 15 mm, and turn it out onto plates lined with parchment paper with the cut side up.
Squirt a strip of macaroon paste onto each piece of coffee bread.
Bake at 190°C for about 12 minutes.

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