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Apple Roll

Basic Dough:

  520 g. full-fat milk (3%)
  370 g. water
  145 g. egg 
  135 g. yeast
  325 g. Soft Brown Sugar
    25 g. salt
2180 g. plain flour 
  305 g. salted butter
    30 g. orange zest
4035 g. total dough 

Dough temperature: Cold
Kneading, slow: 5 minutes
Kneading, fast: 4 minutes
Resting time: 14 – 16 hours. Refrigerate at 5°C
Dough weight: Approx. 73 g
Rolling out: Roll out 4000 g of soft dough to 184 cm x 45 cm (2.8 mm)

Spread out 1000 g of filling
Fold up the dough as for cinnamon rolls, 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
Freeze for approx 15 minutes.
Cut it with a pruning rod without pulling the pieces apart.
Plait 3x3, add a blob of apple compote in the middle, and then roll it together.
Bake in a silicone SF024 tray

Proofing: 45 – 50 minutes In a dough proofer at 26 – 27°C
Insertion temperature 180°C

Baking temperature: 180°C
Steam added in sec. None.
Baking time: 12 – 14 minutes

Apple Roll Filling

Vanilla cream
670 g full-fat milk (3%)
530 g cream
380 g egg yolks
  90 g corn starch
270 g sugar
    3 vanilla pods
    2 g xanthan

350 g softened butter
500 g marzipan
380 g Soft Brown Sugar
  15 g ground cinnamon
  15 g cardamom 

Apple compote, approx. 10–11 g per piece
750 g green apples
225 g sugar
250 g white wine
    2 vanilla pods
45 g lemon juice
300 g small apple pieces
110 g chopped and roasted walnuts

Vanilla cream
Whisk the egg yolks, corn starch, sugar and xanthan until no lumps remain, and set aside.
Bring the cream and milk to the boil.
Pour 1/3 of the boiling liquid into the mixture, and whisk well.
Pour it all back into the pan and cook the cream until it thickens while whisking.
Take the pan off the heat, add the vanilla seeds and the hollowed vanilla pods.
Pour the cream into a rimmed baking tray, cover with plastic wrap and leave to cool until the following day.             

Remonce with Soft Brown Sugar
Stir the Soft Brown Sugar and marzipan into a uniform mixture.
Add the butter gradually, then cinnamon and cardamom.             

Apple compote
Peel the green apples and chop them coarsely into cubes.
Add the green apples, sugar, white wine, lemon juice and vanilla seeds to a pan, cover with a lid, and steam the apples until they are soft.
When the apples can be mashed with a whisk, take the pan off the heat, and add the 300 g of finely chopped apple cubes along with the finely chopped roasted walnuts.
Add everything to a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until the following day.           

To prepare the filling for the apple rolls, mix the remonce and vanilla cream in the following ratios.
730 g remonce plus 270 g vanilla cream
1000 g remonce/cream mixture for 4000 g dough  

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