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Dried Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP)

Nordic Sugar offers two different kinds of sugar beet pulp pellets for cattle: Molassed with approximatively 30% molasses (called Kosetter® in DK and Betfor® in SE) and unmolassef (called Pulpetter® in DK and Fiber-Betfor® in SE).

Both kinds of SBPP derive most of their energy content from the special sugar beet fibre, consisting mainly of easily digestible cell wall material. This results in a balanced digestion, providing as much energy as many concentrates.

Feeding cattle energy through SBPP rather than starch based feeds results in a more stable pH in the rumen, which is especially important for high yield dairy and beef cattle. Therefore, substituting a few kilos of corn or maize fodder with SBPP is highly recommended. And as opposed to grain or corn fodders, there is no (starch-depending) upper limit to how large a part of the concentrate can be made up of SBPP.

SBPP are equally suitable for dairy cattle and beef cattle.