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FC Rosengård

FC Rosengård welcomes all footballers, both girls and boys. The club is located in Rosengård in the centre of Malmö. All in all, the club has around 35 teams and over 650 players. FC Rosengård has a broad reach: their men’s team has just been promoted to Division 1, while their women’s team is among the best in Europe and is a world leader in the development of professional girls’ football.:-)

In addition to the standard footballing activities, FC Rosengård also focuses on other projects:

FC Rosengård’s Boost, which helps young people in long-term unemployment to gain entry into the labour market.

FC Rosengård’s Start, which helps new arrivals to quickly find a place in the community.

A Football project in South Africa, which focuses on making it socially acceptable for girls to play football:-).

Nordic Sugar has been sponsoring FC Rosengård in recent years, with the aim of strengthening physical activity in all age groups.

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