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Chefs Club Latvia

Chefs Club is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation representing Latvian chefs on an international scale by organising the participation of the Latvian Chefs Team in international contests, serving as a professional organisation for all Latvian cooking professionals and giving its members an opportunity to gather and exchange information to improve their own professionalism and knowledge.

Dansukker has worked with Chefs Club since its establishment in 2004. By sponsoring various regional competitions, national chef cooking contests, seminars, masterclasses and many other activities, we have spread expertise in Dansukker products to all levels of cooking professionals. Cooperation with this organisation, as well as direct communication with its members, all of whom are top-class professionals, has resulted in dozens of new recipes for Dansukker products as well as promoting the brand via word-of-mouth.

For many years, we have used “Chefs Club suggests” stickers on a range of our products, giving them additional local value. Every year, Dansukker is among main supporters of the national “Chef of the Year” competition. Mutual benefit serves as a good foundation for future cooperation and the development of new kinds of activities.