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Nordic Sugar Örtofta

Contact ÖrtoftaNordic Sugar AB, Örtofta
241 93 Eslöv
Tel: +46 46 5406300Mail: ortofta.sugar@nordicsugar.comOlof Dahlgren, Site Manager

Nordic Sugar in Örtofta

Nordic Sugar Örtofta is one of the largest and most efficient sugar-producing facilities in Europe.

During the production season, called the campaign, and running from mid-September to mid-January the facility operates around the clock, seven days a week. In this period Nordic Sugar Örtofta receives and processes around 2 million tones of beet, turning this volume into high- quality sugar and feed products. Around 600 truckloads of beet are delivered to Örtofta every day of the campaign. The sugar beets are supplied by approx. 2,000 beet growers. The facility has a daily processing capacity of 18,500 tonnes of beet.  

Annual production in Sweden (2014/15):

  • 382,000  tonnes of sugar

Beet-based feed products:

  • 69,000 tonnes of HP-Pulp
  • 74,000 tonnes of molassed sugar beet pellets
  • 58,000 tonnes of molasses

Approx. half of the white granulated sugar output is sold to the retail market under our Dansukker ® brand, the other half to the food industry.

The site employs around 150 people. During the production campaign close to 60 seasonal workers also join us. The majority of our employees are engaged in the production as machine operators, process operators and service engineers (within electrical maintenance or automation), as well as at the laboratory.

Staying in top shape

In order to sustain our high level of efficiency at all times, our key activities during the off-season are focused on overhauling and maintaining the production equipment, installing any new facilities as well as on other improvement projects. This is also the time of year when we run further training programmes for our team.


Örtofta is located in the southern part of Sweden, 1 hour drive from Nordic Sugar's headquarters in Copenhagen. Sturup Airport is 40 minutes away from Örtofta and Copenhagen Airport, offering worldwide connections, is only 45 minutes away.