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Nordic Sugar Arlöv

Contact ArlövNordic Sugar AB, Arlöv
Sockerbruksgatan 4
PO Box 32
232 21 Arlöv
SwedenTel: +46 4043 8000Mail: arlov.sugar@nordicsugar.comBo-Anders Persson, Head of Sugar Factory

Nordic Sugar in Arlöv

Nordic Sugar Arlöv is one of Nordic Sugar’s two sugar refineries.

The annual production :

  • 146,000 tonnes of liquid sugar
  • 31,000 tonnes of syrup
  • 7,800 tonnes of cube sugar
  • 11,000 tonnes of speciality products 
  • 23,000 tonnes of granulated sugar
  • 250 tonnes of molasses

The daily refining capacity is about 850 tonnes of raw sugar. The raw sugar is supplied by Nordic Sugar’s beet sugar factory at Örtofta.

In Arlöv we produce a wide range of sugar specialties for many applications in the food industry in particular. Applications include jams and marmalades, preserves, bread, cakes and soft drinks. Other of our sugar specialties under our retail Dansukker® brand, for instance cube sugar, vanilla sugar, flavoured icing sugar, nib sugar, a wide selection of syrups as well as candy sugar, granulated cane sugar and cane cube sugar.

We manufacture tailor-made liquid sugars for many of our industrial customers. These products are developed in close collaboration with the customer. Our liquid sugars enable the customers to streamline their sweetening process and achieve savings. Liquid sugars are delivered daily by truck or train to customers all over Sweden. Our Arlöv plant also produces Nordic Sugar’s full production of organic sugar. In order to ensure that the quality of our products lives up to our own and our customers’ standards at all time, our quality control department carries out close to 100,000 analyses annually.

Nordic Sugar Arlöv employs around 150 people. The majority of our employees are engaged in the production e.g. as machine operators, process operators, service engineers (within electrical maintenance or automation) or work at the laboratory.


The village of Arlöv is located 45 minutes away from Nordic Sugar's headquarters in Copenhagen. Another 40 minutes from Arlöv is Sturup Airport and Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, offering worldwide connections, is only 30 minutes away.