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A natural partnership

The success of Nordic Sugar’s beet sugar production builds to a very high extent on the close ties that we and the beet growers in our region have forged together through the past well over 100 years.

We have joined in a targeted effort to ensure a profitable and sustainable beet and sugar production with the shared objective of being able to deliver competitive sugar to the customers. By constantly developing the chain from beet seed to sugar product, we have reached a level of efficiency and sustainability matching the highest standards in the industry.

Joint Yield
A high beet sugar yield and level of quality is key to sound financial performance, both for the growers and for Nordic Sugar. The higher the yield, the lower the cost per tonne of sugar. Thanks to our joint efforts, the sugar yields per hectare are steadily increasing in all beet growing areas in our region. Nordic Sugar supports this development by investing in research and offering consulting on growing methods, technology and planning. The beet growers ensure progress by specialising in the crop, expanding their beet crop areas and through long-term investment.

Our common goal is to further increase sugar yields by 1 tonne of sugar per hectare. The shared focus reflects positively on the growers' economy and secures Nordic Sugar’s supply chain.

Nordic Sugar cooperates with around 4,500 beet growers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania, and we are in close dialogue with all of them.

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