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Jam & Jelly Sugar

Our range of convenience products make it possible to be creative in the kitchen with less preparation time. Jam and Jelly Sugar make it possibel to make jam, marmalade, jelly or pannacotta in just a few minutes. 

Jam Sugar, 1 kg

With Jam Sugar it is possible to make jam or marmalade in just a few minutes. A 1 kg package contains everything that is needed for a perfect jam: sugar, apple pectin, citric acid and sodium benzoate. Simply add fruit and a little water if necessary, and cook for a few minutes. It is possible to use either fresh or frozen fruit.

Jam Sugar 1+3, 330 g

Art. no.: 47110
Quantity per selling unit 9 × 330 g

This is the perfect product for making jam or marmalade with a reduced sugar content. Jam sugar 1+3 works like ordinary jam sugar and gives jam a perfect consistency and a long storage life. 

Jelly Sugar, 370 g

Art. no.: 47131
Quantity per selling unit 7 × 370 g

Glazed fruit flans, mousse, panna cotta and puddings, are now quickly and easily made. Jelly Sugar Multi contains a vegetable gelling agent and can be used in place of gelatine for all manner of set desserts. Jelly Sugar sets to a perfect consistency. Can be mixed with water, fruit juices or milk products. A simple and practical ingredient. 

Organic Jam sugar 500 g

With organic Jam Sugar it is possible to make jam or marmalade in just a few minutes.