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Fibrex is produced from Swedish sugar beet and has a high content of dietary fibre (67%). The composition of this dietary fibre is unique with 1/3 soluble and 2/3 insoluble. The main functionality of Fibrex is its waterholding capacity that helps preserve the freshness of bread in a natural way. Fibrex also adds texture and succulence to meat products. Fibrex is naturally free from gluten and is therefore a perfect dietary fibre choice for those suffering from celiac disease. Fibrex is available in different particle sizes ranging from <0,32μm, to 2 mm, flaked or coarse unmilled.

Fibrex®, 250g

Art. no.: 90137
Quantity per selling unit 12 × 250 g

Fibrex is a natural dietary fibre. The dietary fibre content is high, 67%, with a unique mix of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.