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The 2013 sugar production has started
20.09.2013 -
Nordic Sugar expects sugar output for 2013/14 to exceed the EU quota The 2013 production season was kicked off at Nordic Sugar’s factories this week. The factories in Sweden and Lithuania opened the...
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Positive forecast for this year's sugar production
16.08.2013 -
Nordic Sugar expects a sugar output above its EU quota in 2013/14. The year’s first sugar beet test was carried out this week in Nordic Sugar’s four production countries – Denmark, Sweden, Finland...
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Nordic Sugar invests heavily in Nakskov
18.07.2013 -
This year, DKK 130 million has been earmarked to improve the environment, energy consumption and sugar factory operations. The Nakskov sugar factory is currently engaged in up to 25...
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"We take up the challenge"
27.06.2013 -
Nordzucker requests a stable political framework for the time after the end of quotas In their negotiations on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the European Commission, the Council...
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Still on course for success: Strong 2012/13 financial year for Nordzucker Group
29.05.2013 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG, presents balance sheet: Best financial year ever. Read Nordzucker press release here. Nordic Sugar makes up Region Northern Europe of the Nordzucker...
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Major investment to cut energy consumption by 30% at Nordic Sugar's factory in Örtofta
20.03.2013 -
The largest investment seen in the Swedish sugar industry for 12 years, will bring significant benefits at Nordic Sugar’s Swedish-based Örtofta factory. Nordic Sugar is now taking another...
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Nordic Sugar's 2012/13 sugar output touches all-time high
05.02.2013 -
The year’s production season just ended with top results. The 2012/13 production season just ended at Nordic Sugar's five sugar factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania. The production for...
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The sugar factory in Säkyla, Finland, has just ended the 2012/13 production campaign
05.12.2012 -
Extreme weather has characterised the campaign in Finland but the challenges were overcome in a joint effort with growers and carriers. The last Finnish beets of the 2012 season have just been...
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New Managing Director appointed in Finland
23.10.2012 -
Juri Jolkkonen to head up the Finnish sugar business as from the turn of the year 2012/13. The co-owners of Sucros OY, Nordic Sugar A/S (80%) and Lännen Tehtaat Plc (20%), have appointed Juri...
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Highly satisfactory first half of financial year for Nordzucker Group
16.10.2012 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG, presents highly satisfactory first half of the 2012/13 financial year. Earnings more than doubled Read Nordzucker press release here. Nordic Sugar makes...
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