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Smart and innovative energy solutions take Nordic Sugar to the final
27.05.2014 -
Nordic Sugar AB is finalist for energy prize for its comprehensive energy-efficiency initiatives at the sugar factory in Örtofta. Nordic Sugar's factory in Örtofta boasts one of Sweden's smartest and...
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WHO wants new guidance on sugars intake
08.04.2014 -
We welcome the public consultation to review the draft guideline issued by the World Health Organisation Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG). Nordic Sugar has participated in the...
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Fire at external raw sugar storage facility in Sweden
27.02.2014 -
No people injured On Wednesday evening, a fire broke out at a storage facility in Tjustorp outside Svedala, Sweden, where Nordic Nordic, among others, stores its raw sugar in two warehouses. The fire...
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Significant investments to ensure future competitiveness in Finnish beet sugar production
29.01.2014 -
Sucros has initiated significant investments to increase its future competitiveness at both its production plants: In Säkylä, energy efficiency will be improved by expanding the evaporation process...
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Nordic Sugar harvest record-breaking result
27.01.2014 -
Increasing sugar production and all-time-high sugar yields per hectare secured this year's record-breaking production. The 2013/14 production season has just ended at Nordic Sugar's five sugar...
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The sugar factory in Nykøbing, Denmark, turns up heat supply to the town
23.12.2013 -
Nordic Sugar in Nykøbing increases the supply of hot water to the local district heating network. Since the 1980s, district heat customers in Nykøbing F. have been benefiting from the solid...
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The sugar factory in Säkylä, Finland, ends the 2013/14 campaign with a good result
17.12.2013 -
Stable production and much higher sugar yields per hectare than the 5-year average have engendered a sugar production that matches expectations and is somewhat below Finland's national quota. The...
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Positive business performance continues for Nordzucker Group
15.10.2013 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG, reports positive performance for first half of the 2013/14 financial year. Revenues up by 3 per cent. Read Nordzucker press release here. Nordic Sugar...
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The 2013 sugar production has started
20.09.2013 -
Nordic Sugar expects sugar output for 2013/14 to exceed the EU quota The 2013 production season was kicked off at Nordic Sugar’s factories this week. The factories in Sweden and Lithuania opened the...
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Positive forecast for this year's sugar production
16.08.2013 -
Nordic Sugar expects a sugar output above its EU quota in 2013/14. The year’s first sugar beet test was carried out this week in Nordic Sugar’s four production countries – Denmark, Sweden, Finland...
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