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Production campaign 2015/16 completed at the sugar factory in Kedainiai in Lithuania
21.12.2015 -
New efficiency investments met all expectations The last Lithuanian beets of the 2015 season have just been processed at Nordzucker’s sugar factory in Lithuania. Running 24 hours a day during the...
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Mats Liljestam to leave Nordzucker
29.09.2015 -
Mats Liljestam (56), Member of the Executive Board at Nordzucker AG and responsible for Sales & Marketing, is going to leave the company at his own initiative. Hartwig Fuchs, Chairman of the...
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Nordzucker counts on efficiency gains and market
16.07.2015 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG reports from today's Annual General Meeting. High levels of global sugar stocks, greater competition and earnings that are currently unsatisfactory – this...
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Nordzucker first quarter: clear drop in revenues and earnings once again
15.07.2015 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG reports: Loss in first quarter meets expectations The Nordzucker Group from Braunschweig, Germany again reported a steep drop in revenues and...
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Nordzucker unveils new website focused on sustainability
29.06.2015 -
Viewing the value chain as field of development Sustainability is the top priority for Nordzucker and for many of our clients. As a food producer, environmental and social topics are a natural part...
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Unsatisfactory earnings position defines the financial year
02.06.2015 -
Nordic Sugar’s parent company, Nordzucker AG, presents balance sheet 2014/15: Significant price distortions and high stockpiles increase competitive pressure – profitability in focus Nordzucker AG...
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Nordzucker enters into partnership with August Töpfer Zuckerhandels GmbH & Co. KG
17.03.2015 -
Nordzucker AG, Braunschweig, and August Töpfer Zuckerhandels GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, are planning to build upon their existing customer relationship before the expiry of the quota system in 2017. ...
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WHO-guideline on intake of sugars has only low and moderate evidence
05.03.2015 -
Nordzucker/Nordic Sugar always supports a scientific debate on sugars and health, and also the further debate about the scientific evidence for WHO’s new guideline on Sugars Intake for Adults and...
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Successful campaign with record results
02.02.2015 -
Considerable beet volumes, high sugar yields per hectare and stable production characterise Nordic Sugar's 2014/15 production season which has delivered scores of records in both Denmark and...
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Revenues and earnings fall sharply in the third quarter for Nordzucker Group
15.01.2015 -
Nordzucker AG reports on sharply falling revenues and earnings in the third quarter. Measures to improve efficiency initiated. Read Nordzucker's press release here
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