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Is brown sugar healthier than white?

Brown cane sugar contains small quantities of minerals. However, its contribution to the recommended daily intake is negligible. Therefore brown cane sugar is not healthier than white sugar.

Brown cane sugar is extracted, as indicated by its name, from cane sugar, while white sugar can be extracted from both cane sugar and sugar beet. Brown cane sugar products are a mixture of sugar crystals and syrup residues. It is the syrup residues that give cane sugar its brown colour and caramelised flavour. When producing sugar from sugar beet, the syrup must be removed because it has a bitter taste – leaving the familiar white sugar that we know and recognise.

The syrup residues in the brown cane sugar contain small quantities of minerals. However, compared with other foods, the mineral content in brown cane sugar is very low and its contribution to the recommended daily intake is therefore negligible. It is not possible, therefore, to say that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.

The amount of vitamins and minerals in foods – including different types of sugars – can be seen at in English at