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Organic Sugar

Organic Syrup

An 80 per cent, partly inverted solution consisting of sucrose, glucose, fructose and mineral salts. The combination of the various types of sugar prevents crystallisation. The very high sugar content guarantees a long
shelf-life. Available in two types: Organic Yellow Syrup and Organic Dark Brown Syrup.

Organic Icing Sugar

Finely ground sugar consisting of small particles with the addition of two per cent organic potato starch as an anti-caking agent. The average particle size is 20 μm.

Organic Granulated Sugar

Crystallised sucrose in quality EU2.

Organic Sugar Solutions

There are 2 types of Organic Liquid Sugars: 65 and 67 per cent organic sucrose dissolved in water. Organic
Liquid Sugar is used in products like jam, marmalade, fruit juice, beverages and marinades.

Organic Cane Sugar, Fairtrade

Organic Cane Sugar, Fairtrade from Paraguay is used like ordinary white granulated sugar and is ideal for an endless variety of uses.