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Fibrex® - sugar beet fibre

Fibrex®, or sugar beet fibre, is a natural product made from sugar beet after the sugar has been extracted. This highly functional dietary fibre has a unique composition and excellent characteristics that make it a much appreciated and useful ingredient in baking, meat and other food applications. Fibrex has a water-holding capacity of 3-4 times its own weight. As a concentrated dietary fibre with an optimum ratio of soluble and insoluble fibres, Fibrex® also has good potential in health applications. Different fractions are available for optimum results. 

Learn more about Fibrex as an ingredient in gluten-free bread:

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New Brochure

Fibrex sugar beet fibre has a unique mix of insoluble and soluble fibre. Several clinical studies have been conducted on sugar beet fibre and its advantages for your digestive system. 
Read more in our new brochure Activate yourself - inside and out.

Approved Health Claim for Sugar Beet Fibre

Giving new opportunities in the market
On January 17th 2014, the European Commission finally approved a 13.5 digestive Health Claim for Sugar beet fibre – given that the food contains at least 6 grams per 100 gram finished product.'

Clinical studies behind the claim

Fibre sausage developed by the Danish Meat Research Institute

A reduced-fat sausage with enough fibre to reach the fibre-claim level of 3% was ready just in time for IFFA, the big meat exhibition in Frankfurt. Read the press release

New Health Claim Opportunity for Sugar Beet Fibre!

Dec 8, the EFSA Panel published its positive Scientific Opinion for Sugar Beet Fibre for digestive health. Read the press release

Fibrex® creating glutenfree winners

Read the article Creating glutenfree winners, from the October 2010 issue of the magazine The World of Food Ingredients.
Creating glutenfree winners