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Danisco completes sale of Danisco Sugar
02.03.2009 -
Danisco A/S has closed the sale of Danisco Sugar A/S to Nordzucker AG. The sale of the sugar activities is a decisive step towards transforming Danisco into a focused, bio-based and market-driven...
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Sale of Danisco Sugar to Nordzucker to be closed
20.02.2009 -
As already announced, Nordzucker informed us earlier this week that following the sale of the plant in Anklam they wanted to renegotiate the acquisition price of Danisco Sugar. Notice no....
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Final approval by Bundeskartellamt of sale of Danisco Sugar
18.02.2009 -
The German competition authorities, the Bundeskartellamt, have today granted a final approval of Nordzucker’s acquisition of Danisco Sugar. Notice no. 02/2009 The approval encompasses the sale of...
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Conditional approval of sale of Danisco Sugar
17.02.2009 -
The German competition authorities, the Bundeskartellamt, have today conditionally approved Nordzucker’s acquisition of Danisco Sugar. Notice no. 1/2009 The approval is conditional on the sale of...
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Solid sugar production result for Danisco Sugar
29.01.2009 -
Despite challenging weather conditions for sugar beet growing, Danisco Sugar’s total sugar production meets expectations.Danisco Sugar’s six sugar factories in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and...
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Beet sugar production will continue in Finland
08.02.2008 -
Sucros Oy and its owners Danisco Sugar A/S and Lännen Tehtaat Oy have decided to continue sugar production in Säkylä sugar factory. [A Danish and English version of press release for download...
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Danisco’s Sugar production exceeds 1 million tonnes
08.02.2008 -
Record-high yields from sugar beet fields in several countries have resulted in a large sugar output as expected. [Danish and English versions of press release to download below] Danisco's sugar...
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Beet growing and sugar production in Finland
28.01.2008 -
In connection with the ongoing discussions on beet growing in Finland, our subsidiary Sucros OY has issued the press release below. For further information, please contact:Mariann Mellström, Danisco...
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Danisco Sugar to consolidate production in Lithuania
12.11.2007 -
In order to improve competitiveness, Danisco Sugar is planning to consolidate sugar production in Lithuania at one factory. [A Danish and English version of press release for download below] Today,...
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The EU takes key steps to restore sugar market balance. Operating profit (EBIT) in Danisco Sugar upgraded by DKK 150 million to DKK 450 million
27.09.2007 -
Following the newly adopted amendment of the EU sugar reform, Danisco plans to sell part of its quota and buy additional quota in Denmark and Sweden with a view to maintaining production...
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